What is KORE?
KORE is a combination of Eastern and Western Therapies, which assesses and treats the root cause of problems and doesn't just focus on where the pain is.
Therapy works to release and mobilise the whole body, making sure that the structure of the body is working to your bodies optimum.

Who can have treatment?
Treatment is suitable for any age, this includes children and babies. As all treatments are tailored to individuals needs.

What does KORE stand for?
KORE - Kinaesthetic. Optimization. Recovery. Enhancement 

Therapy at GLOW treats and balances the body and mind. Relieves illness, pain and helps with stress. Treatment is client centred, to make you glow again.  
Our therapists have had their own battles with illnesses and found KORE therapy, which changed their lives. GLOW's aim is to help others the way they were helped. 

What can we treat?
We treat an array of different conditions! Common conditions we see in clinic:
• Whiplash (neck restrictions)
• Digestive problems (i.e. IBS, constipation)
• Frozen shoulder 
• Chronic illnesses (i.e. MS, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia
• Insomina 
• Migraines/headaches 
• Sports injuries 
• And much more......

What to wear for treatment?
Wear what is comfortable for you however we do recommend that you avoid wearing dresses, skirts and sports bras. 

What is in a treatment session?
First we have a consultation about your health. 
Treatment starts with a series of muscle tests, which gives the therapist important information about issues and imbalances, helping to find the root cause of problems.
Then we begin to treat the issues and imbalances found, using gentle release techniques on the bodies structure. Moving and stretching of the arms, legs and neck, if needed we add in additional techniques such as fire cupping, Amno Fu and Cranial. 

How is this therapy different to others therapies such as a chiropractor?
Treatment is about releasing the body through gentle release technique, we look at the body as a whole not just at one area. The body is all connected so we look for the root cause of problems. Treatment is enjoyable and shouldn't be painful. 

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