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I’m a caring KORE Therapy Professional specialising in a variety of holistic treatment services that address the root causes and not just the symptoms of pains and ailgnments.

All treatments can be used on any age from babies to the elderly. Contact me for an initial consultation.

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Back Massage

KORE Therapy

The Tool Of Combination

We preform a series of muscle tests to find the root cause of your symptoms that build a plan of treatments which are given on the day. Finally a retest to prove it has worked!

Please see across what can be incorporated into your KORE Treatment

Anmo Fu

The Abdominal Massage You Wont Want To Miss

This massage is for balancing your organs, clearing blockages, allowing you to have more energy and getting your digestive system to work more effectively.


This can help with IBS, Crohns and any organ diseases. 


Realignment Of The Spine And Pelvis

A gentle fully clothed method to realign your spine right from the top at the neck to the base.


This can relieve pains should as sciatica, put slipped discs into place, make your walking a lot easier and much more.



“The greatest wealth is health”

Close-up Of A Therapist Giving Cupping T
Head Massage
Reiki Treatment


Painless Way To A Healthier You

Fire cupping can be used for a variety of things such as: trapped nerves, stiff/knotted muscles, colds, asthma, fibromyalgia and many more.

It pain free and works by putting a flame in the cup to heat it up and then once removed the cup is placed on the body, so the flame never goes near you!

Cranial Balancing

Put Your Head In The Clouds And Let This Work Wonders

Cranial balancing is the therapist placing hands on various places on the head to free blockages and align bones. Such a relaxing treatment that can help with: migraines, hayfever, breathing problems, sleeping issues, vertigo and much more.

Qi Gong

Relive The Stress And Anxiety

It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being. Great for stress, pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue and much more

About the therapist 


Melanie Price

For several years I had been battling my illness of ME, Fibromyalgia and Functional Neurological Disorder. These conditions have left me with an endless list issues from migraines, depression, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue and constant pain, this is to only name a few. As there is minimal research into these conditions, the treatment is painkillers and 'to be nice to yourself'. I have had to stop working so many times due to my illness, i have been on all the different tablets and regimes but nothing really helped.

Then i was introduced to KORE and its changed my life! I can now do things i couldn't before, i can do more with my day and still get up the next morning. As before, one busy day would effect me and wipe out for the next few days. I'm still in treatment with KORE but with each treatment i improve and always cant wait for my next treatment.

Starting up GLOW, is my way of helping people in the way that i was helped and the way it changed by life for the better.  

Eden Atkinson

Around 9 years ago when I was 17, I started a very long 2 years of being in and out of the doctors every couple of weeks. Diagnosed with IBS but with an unknown reason as to why? Keeping food diaries and cutting out food trials with no luck, the doctors finally concluded my IBS was due to Stress. I was put on IBS medication Dicyclomine hydrochloride and told that was all they can do. So that was it, I had to live with the digestive issues, crippling abdominal pain, vomiting from the pain.

Then 4 years ago following a partial shoulder dislocation, I was sent to a physio and told I had rotatory cuff irration and to rest my shoulder and to avoid the use my right arm for 12 weeks and hopefully full movement would return. Feeling broken and nothing to lose I went for KORE treatment as no one else would help.

Following a few treatments and occasional maintance treatment. My 'IBS' no longer controls my life, its practically none existant so it was a goodbye to my medication. My shoulder is fully mobile again and has no pain.

From my experiences, it is my aim to help people the way in which KORE therapy help me. It has driven me to help everyone restore themselves back to their best selves, as everyone is entitled to help and to improve their quality of life and that is my mission! I have also studied to find alternative/natural therapies to improve overall health, like Aromatherapy and Naturotherapy. 

Melanie Price

Owner of GLOW. KORE Therapist, PT and Nutritionist

Eden Atkinson

Kore Therapist, Aromatherapist and Naturotherapy

Meet Ruby!

Ruby Matthews our Therapy Dog!

She is a Cockerdor, part cocker spaniel and part Labrador.

She loves meeting new people and getting hugs and kisses.

We are very proud of her development and progression in the Good citizens scheme.

She may still be training but she has already started to help people with anxiety and stress. 

Although not always in the shop, she never fails to brighten up our day!


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